Monday, March 8, 2010

Grogix 0.2

Since October of 2009, I was forced to take grogix in a new direction [I now call this old direction, interesting in itself, SUPL]. The old direction was, essentially, a macro preprocessor for generating programs ... albeit one with a well-integrated notion of grammar, morphogenetic sequences, pattern-like steps in those sequences, etc. It's still a useful authoring tool for the kind of analysis described in the sample sequence at

But I began to realize: no matter how natural or well-motivated or well-described, a hierarchical expression of the form of a generated Python program was not going to make me happy. I'm just too unsatisfied with our current programming paradigm, which always puts logical consistency before all else, despite the fact that logical consistency has become so straightforward and commonplace that young programmers can create turing complete notations without even knowing that they are doing so.

So, one-by-one, I took parts of grogix-the-macro-processor which I felt were natural and well-motivated, and integrated them into grogix-the-programming language.

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